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Biographical Information[edit]

Myrvin Francis Chester.

BSc Psychology (with 2 years subsidiary in Philosophy) - Birmingham University.

MSc Information Technology - Nottingham University.

PhD Computer Science - Nottingham University.

Academic degrees
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17 years in commercial computing

13 years as lecturer through to principal lecturer in Computing - mainly Business computing, Systems Analysis and Design.

Co-Author of:

Transforming the Business: the IT contribution - with Rob Moreton

Basic Systems Analysis and Design - with Avtar Athwall


Simplebrain: A theory of human memory and its application to electronic brain technology - & Kindle

The Scientific Approach to Systems Development - & Kindle

The Sinner's Book of Lies - & Kindle

Nobody Don't Know Nothing - & Kindle

Socrates PI: Castrations 415 BC - & Kindle

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