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Hi, I'm Mysid, a Wikipedian since 2005, living above 60° N.

My areas of interest tend to vary a lot, but most of the time I've been making maps and other SVG graphics or writing articles about the national parks of Finland and other nature-related subjects. I also like looking for places on maps, aerial photos and Google Earth and geotagging articles accordingly. Other things I like to do include restoring old photographs.

You can contact me through my user talk or by email. Occasionally I'll be lurking on the Wikipedia IRC channels. Consider also signing my guestbook.

I won't bite!

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Some artwork I've contributed[edit]

See more graphics or listen to some sounds as well.

Topographic map of Cape Verde-en.svg Map of the Faroe Islands en.svg Map of Zanzibar Archipelago-en.svg Map of Finland-en.svg Map of Franz Josef Land-en.svg Map of Nicobar and Andaman Islands-en.svg Haaga-Helia Pasila.jpg Forum shopping center, Helsinki.jpg Postitalo.jpg Kampintori 2014.jpg Matricaria perforata.jpg


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