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NackFinch actual name: Travis James Finch. A friendly editor of wikipedia. I created the pages of Killer Freaks from Outer Space, Isaac Clarke (character) and You Don't Know Me (novel). Please, if you have any problems with my edits are articles, take the notice to my talk page.

Isaac Clarke[edit]

Whoever deleted the Isaac Clarke page before please stop. The character is important as he is he main character of an entire series of horror games plus I have reasonable references and info.

The Lords of Salem Edits[edit]

Sucks that I cannot create a page yet of Rob zombie's upcoming film. It's not in production yet. When it does come into production, I;m so creating it first, or at least editing it. Such a fan of RZ.

The SCP Foundation[edit]

I'm not letting this page down like I did Isaac Clarke and The Lords of Salem. I included all references and needed information but they tell me it's "important". There are many non-important pages about internet memes so why not let this one stay?!