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Multiple Editor Personality Disorder, or MEPD, is a condition found in many Wikipedia articles. The primary symptom is a feeling that one is reading the transcript of an individual's internal debate with themselves.

In its mildest form, signal words such as however, although, actually, but, also, and another are used; in more virulent examples, flatly contradictory statements appear together with no qualification whatsoever.

The root cause for MEPD is, as the name implies, the development of an article by a series of editors. This is of course extremely common in Wikipedia, and is not automatically detrimental. However, it is far too often the case that a new contributor to an article will neglect to match their material to the article's existing content, tone, or point of view,[1] opting instead to tack new prose onto the end of an existing paragraph or section (or even occasionally to the very end, after the article's category and interlanguage links) without making any effort to integrate their contributions with what was already there.

See if you can tell where MEPD creeps into the following example:

ThisCo took over development of a FirstCo product called Blahware. Actually Blahware was originally developed by OtherCo.

Although takes particular abuse, its meaning morphing from "even if" to "and here's another thought I just had":

John Doe attended Faber College but did not graduate although he was part of an effort to prevent the school from razing apartment buildings to build a parking lot.

List extension via MEPD, or alsoism, conveys the impression of someone calling out that last item for the shopping list as their spouse goes out the door:

Many of its signature songs date from this period: "I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You", "Freeway Jam", "Just the Way You Are" , "Ride Captain,Ride" and "Still Crazy After All These Years". Also, "Get Back". The Rhodes also features prominently in the song "Incommunicado". Michael McDonald also played a Rhodes on, to name just a couple of hits, "You Belong To Me" and "Minute By Minute." The instrument was also featured in the Frampton Comes Alive album. Other songs include "Who Will Save Your Soul", and "Dig". Also, in the upcoming debut album from Esterlyn, "Lamps", Luke Caldwell plays a rhodes.


  1. ^ "But, articles aren't supposed to have points of view!" I hear you cry. Yes, but the point here is that rather than correcting an article's existing point of view, contributors quite often just stick in their own contradictory statement with an implicit "that'll fix it!"