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Dr. Jatin Mipun, did his M.A. and PhD. in Sociology from Dibrugarh University.

       Dr. Mipun has joined the Indian Police Service in 1983 and served in Assam  Meghalaya cadre. Earlier Dr. Mipun had served as a lecturer District Research officer under the Govt. of Assam and as Extra Assistant Commissioner in Assam Civil Service.
     He wrote poems and short stories in Assamese languages, besides research paper for learned journals.
     Books in Assamese language, "Miksijili (novel)", "Kankanar Prithibit (short story)", "Asom Darshan (essay)", and "Dupar Nishar Bahit (poems)" are in 

Dr. Mipun's credit. his novel "Miksijili" is based on socio-cultural life of the Mishings which was awarded prestigious Ambikagiri Raichoudhury Award of Asom Sahitya Sabha. The novel is also telecast as serial from Guwahati Doordarshan, Assam.