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All great things start with the first step... There! I took three (actually got off the chair and took three, to the window and back. Pat on my lazy back ^_^)

So. Now. I. Must begin with the daunting task of starting up my own User Page. *shudder* It's not gonna be great.. Anyway, I'm disclosing too much about myself *gives furtive glances around*

So getting down to me, a little, not too much, just a little, so that all loonies and mad-men who allegedly run around with axes and tyrannosauruses don't find out who I exactly am and eat me up!

Fact: I live on Pali Hill, Bombay (or if you insist-) Mumbai, India.

Fact: I am a student.

Fact: I have a mother- Momo, a (maternal) grandfather- Nanu and a (maternal) grandmother-Nani. I like to believe: I have a pony.

Fact: I never study. Not even if my life depends on it. I like to believe: I study all the time and am as hardworking as both Newton and Einstein combined! O:)

And I am too embarrassed/bored to go any further... So I'll put more stuff up later. And it's Mango season now. Yay! Mangoes! Here I gorge!

PS - I'm female

PPS - I'm new around here and don't exactly know the ropes. So forgive me for my misgivings, and anything that I have done that offends you. Don't worry - I'm a fast learner (mastered differentiation in one hour ^_^) so you shouldn't be having complaints for too long.

PPS - If you want to say something to me, you can go to my User Talk Page (at least that's what Wikipedia says :P) and I promise I'll figure out some way to reply! Also I am not very regular in anything I do and must forewarn you that I may not reply instantaneously. And I must also tell you that my sitting on the comp depends on my mother's moods too (and my inability to study seriously...) So I am, I admit, punished sometimes...

PPPS - May the Force be with you!

PPPPP^(infinity)S - I created this account ages ago and am back here now, and I'm still a relatively (heh) new user so don't be mean, be patient, I learn real fast. ^_^