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On this page, I'm just experimenting with content.

I want to list my agendas.

To-Do Lists[edit]


Some of these are:
  1. Learn wikitext language
  2. Update CV
  3. Insert a bolded link


code textbox. cute.


monospaced code. bigger fonts smaller fonts font that's a specific amount bigger.

Let's run a Stroop test: green... red content.

Setting a purple font.
For a paragraph.

create a link. to agendas.

Let's also create some nested bullet points.

I want to:

  • First point
    • second
    • second
    another first point
  • another one
    • nested
      • more nested
  • A final point

Or I can use HTML:

  1. first
  2. first
    1. nested list
    2. nested list
  3. another primary point



Now bullets inside numbers:

  1. Tomorrow:
    • make bullet points
    • work on Wiki
    • add a third point
  2. Day After:
    • make another list

Also remember that these things should be done:

  • before leaving:
    1. remember keys
    2. grocery list
    3. recycling

Create a horizontal menu:

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