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    Hi, my name is Nick Gray. I've had an account here on Wikipedia since 2005 (whoa!). But I've made most of my edits starting in 2020 when I was home and on the computer a lot due to Covid-19.

    If you're curious about me: I keep a personal home page at and I blog a lot at

    One of my goals for 2020 was to contribute more to Wikipedia, including adding a few of my obscure travel photographs. I am also STILL INTERESTED to work together with someone to standardize the Infoboxes on American public companies and hedge funds, and to update their financials quarterly (instead of annually as seems current method). Please contact me if you want to help on this project!

    Favorite Blog Posts[edit]

    These are some of my favorite blog posts on my personal site:

    Pages I Started[edit]

    I'm proud to have created or supported a few original articles on Wikipedia:

    Pages I'm Working On[edit]

    I was recently informed that I should create DRAFTS or user pages for new articles or article updates. Here's my attempt to do so:

    Conflicts of Interest[edit]

    The most common question I get from other editors on Wikipedia is: Do you have a COI here?

    In the past, I have edited a page of a Facebook friend who I briefly worked with -- Priya Darshini. I tried to help improve her page. I even wanted to add a better photo for her. But I was told that I would have a "Conflict of Interest" because we worked together at one point in time, so I gave up.

    I enjoy posting about random things on my blog. I spent a LOT of time writing about them, and one might imagine I was paid to write them or have some nefarious purpose. For example, look at this huge article I researched and wrote about a BDC transaction and an ice rental company. The founder of the company emailed me after I published that and said: Who paid you to write that? Why didn't you interview me?

    And I answered that:

    1. Nobody paid me, I thought it was a neat company, and
    2. I should have interviewed him! It was a lack of proper diligence on my part.

    Anyhow. I can't believe I spent so much time on that blog post! But I'm super proud of it. And this is a long way of saying that I'm happy to field any COI questions, but you also might be safe to assume that I'm a blogger who has waaaay too much time on his hands and that I have no nefarious intent in mind as a member of this community.

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