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Hi, you created some redirects for {{{topic}}} ([[{{{list-link}}}|listed here]]), but there are currently no articles on those topics. (If there were previously articles on those topics, they may have been deleted after the redirects were created.) Wikipedia policy is to get rid of redirects to non-existent pages (see also: tips on fixing redirects with non-existent targets). If you want the redirects to stay, can you please add something for those topics (even a one-sentence stub will do), or else the redirects will probably get deleted. If you do create the target, you don't have to do anything on [[{{{list-link}}}|that list]] (we'll eventually notice the target is there), but if you do, please just delete those items from the list. Alternatively, if you're happy for those redirects to be deleted, can you please add a note for this to [[{{{list-link}}}|the list]], and we'll get them deleted for you. Thanks!