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"bl'English," "BLING"lish -A branded portmanteau created by and belonging to Skype My English 

-my online tutoring service located at I have blended the sounds of the words "bling" and "English" and have combined their meanings for a global purpose. One positively creating an engaging, interactive approach towards and attitude about oral English performance and particular word learning using phonics for non natives pursuing communication progress. As both "bling" and "English" are universally recognizable words, the global body of learners/users and non native English learners can relate to and enjoy associative aspects to contemporary culture. This global significance results in a positive act of self empowerment by bringing ability to the front and by being able to "sound" English as in International English. And, being "global" as in well-rounded and having procured a cmmunicative means of making verbal progress and even influencing. The portmanteau is a revival of linguistic ideophones and a new, innovative and an intuitively understandable way of illustration. An example of one way towards self assertion with a positive "effect". It acts as an assistant to positive cognitive development and its "like-minded" (affirmative) associations. Because feeling "like-minded" with another is the first step in developing a rapport. With emphasis on English word (not syllable) stress occurring in the ease of delivery/pronunciation of "bl'English" at first glance, so to speak, it fosters the positive effect. The user ideates the "Sound of English" and can "carry" across, back and forth from a native language into English many ideas that they might have been inhibited to express -Bl'ENGlish (BLINGlish) is a "virtual portmanteau" so to speak. I've expanded associations to this method of language production/introduction by using more phonics and by creating a bL'English emoticon in my service description. Forget not that being global = being like-minded so recycling the word "global" can render: "A glow" = the ideophone "bling"

      "Bling Us!" On~ Bl'Engli$h' And:)~Become One aglow!~be~ALL~i$h body + bloose language guru. 

We are in essence two thing at once: a whole "global body" + "body language" speakers via ideophone conveyances. And, another illustration:

      4~Seaing bl~ENG'LI$H? L~ooze :)~Your$elf'ish'ness Inn aglow~be~ALL'i$h'...

Body Language.

)~ ~(:

Some portmanteau presentation variations include but aren't limited to: bLINGlish, bLINGli$h, bl'Engli$h,blENG'lish, blENG'li$h, BLINGlish, BLINGli$h, blENG'lish!(ous), blENG'li$h(ous) Also, my emoticon :)~ strongly represents: 1. A graphical association to the ideophone in "bl'ENGlish" and the "places of articulation" studied in learning to speak another language. 2. A more connected association to my branded business portmanteau: "Skype My English" where:

  A "Skype" is a portmanteau or "synthesis" of "Sky" + both meanings of "kype" at once. 

For instance: 1."to pilfer", "to steal", "to swipe" and perhaps as well return something at ones convenience. Often times when we are caught with something belonging to another and we don't want to admit to the "kype", our interrogator asks: So, it just "fell from the sky"? The Oxford dictionary relates pilfer to the modern positive idea of "booty" and "my" booty concept is equal to a proof as in once the language sounds can be produced, it's "proovable" and the "gains" of learning and "disseminating" quality or bling which contains the -psychoacoustic sounds -the rewards of speaking global or international English especially emphasizing and in relation to the growing "body of evidence" that there's a positive physiological effect attributed to hearing a "globally sounded" English and an important reason people want to sound "global" more and more and are relying on it for communication across global borders. Hence, my service description says: "A body language" (see above) with special phonic emphasis to these two things 1. "A globe all body" -everybody on the globe and 2. "A glow" as in the ideophone "bling" and being aglow when in use -a beaker, being center stage, exhibiting the "gift of gab", blinging (verbal and physical) "booty" because "bling" is intimately associated with physical appeal and wealth. 2. And the noun -"kype" is similarly referencing the place of articulation. A kype as a hooked tooth generated by salmon and trout spontaneously for breeding recalls the topic "fish" in general and the evolutionary advantage gained by having a jawed mouth and -like words -is an important resource globally. The vowel in the word "hook" can be described itself as Near-Close Near-Back Rounded Vowel: Youtube video practice sound in Global English. Last but not least the snake-like movement of the tongue in the emoicon :)~ goes full circle in the graphical analysis with another synonym for "to kype", "to swipe" and "to steal"; namely, "to snake" and the attribute of effortlessness in movement;i.e., fluency. Alternate attitudes of the emoticon include but not limited to especially when type in varying fonts: 1. !:)~ 2. !:-)~ 3. !;)~ (an eye-patched seaman, a pirate with his "booty" -his "gift for gab" referenced by the squiggly tongue)4. :)~ ~(: (the conversationalists). In closig the most important aspect of communication is the means and indeed Skype is a place of meeting for tutoring and practice as is Google hangouts so don't forget to bl'ENGlish yourself!;)~...And make friends.