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About Me[edit]

Areas of Interest[edit]

  1. Advanced Mathematics and Calculus
  2. Analytical, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry
  3. Physics (Primarily Theoretical)
  4. Scientific Application and Invention
  5. Explosives Science
  6. Compound Isolation and Application ---THC
  7. Genetics and Bio-informatics
  8. Neuroscience


Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

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Wikipedia Articles[edit]

New York City Diesel (cannabis)

External Contributions[edit]

I have created a Youtube Channel (NitricAcidandTHC Channel) that is currently in it's early stages. Videos will be added once a sufficient number have been developed and modified. These videos will primarily demonstrate the results of experiments which I and my club have undergone in as safe and secure a manner possible.

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