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I will work on my profile page when I get the chance.

I am Nixon, Nix, Mr. Nixon... I am an internetdenizen and pop culture FANatic. I am a Graduate of Stonehill College, in Easton, MA.

BA Philosophy

I have a keen interest in Wikipedia, and was a contributer to IMDB back in the OLD days.

Current Wiki Projects[edit]


Former Wiki Projects[edit]


Announced at SDCC 2005, this new game from STIKFAS PTE is a cool bit of culture from Singapore, and therefore "worthy" of an article without having to pass the usual "relevance" tests.

Was searching for the origin of KOOTIKOOTI for the entry.

Depth of Field[edit]

Editor/Contributor to the *NEW* Depth of Field web-comic entry

Comixpedia Links


STIKFAS Wiki page[edit]

Editor/Contributor to the Stikfas Wikipedia entry.

Why: I'm a fan of the toy. Member of I want to see an honest and accurate Stikfas entry because I saw the current entry (July 05) as somewhat vague and inaccurate, no pictures, etc. Sinc I had NO EXPERIENCE with WIKI I decided to cut my teeth on this entry as my first.

NOTES: None currently

Status: Dormant