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About Me[edit]

Welcome to my user page! I am currently a junior at Rice University, Houston, TX where I am majoring in Sociology and Policy Studies (Concentration: International Urban and Social Change), and minoring in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. I am currently taking the second intro course for my minor(ASIA 329/SOCI 372/SWGS 322), and hope to publish a topic of interest here with what I learn. I previously edited the "Depleted Community" page on Wikipedia under the PJHC program (2012). My future interests include being heavily involved with an NGO or state government, developing better policies and practices. I plan to pursue social work and obtain a Master's in Public Policy/Administration before entering into law school. I love to volunteer and get involved with my community.

Currently, I am working on a new page called "Gender Disparities in Kenyan Education". This topic currently doesn’t exist in any form. Currently the only articles related to this are Education in Kenya (parent article), Sex Differences in Education (parent article) and Women in Kenya. The combination of studying education in Kenya with a concentration in gender disparities, particularly the disparities that females face, does not hold a presence in Wikipedia. My article will first try and define what gender disparities in education are and what kind of problems they face, broadly including female presence in different levels of education, difference in sex success rates in school, and discrimination different sexes face while in school. It will then elaborate on general statistics in transition and overall academic performance in both males and females and delve into the overall difference in the quality of education that Kenyans face in terms of sex. Next it will examine the differences in these outcomes through different levels of education, address the challenges of gender disparities in education and their subsequent consequences. Finally, I will suggest some possible solutions to help Kenya in pursuing gender equality in education.

Currently it's a bit hard to find multiple scholarly references to provide a reputable article. Any suggestions?