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The history of the University of Oklahoma (OU)

Territorial University[edit]

David Ross Boyd, the first president of the university.
Carnegie Hall, the second oldest building on campus.
Evans Hall, the third administrative building built following the fires that destroyed the first two.


An early sketch of the proposed football stadium. This proposal was scrapped for a simpler design.

World Wars I and II[edit]

School Presidents
David Ross Boyd, 1892–1908
A. Grant Evans, 1908–1912
Stratton D. Brooks, 1912–1923
James S. Buchanan, 1923–1925
William Bennett Bizzell, 1925–1941
Joseph A. Brandt, 1941–1943
George Lynn Cross, 1943–1968
John Herbert Hollomon, 1968–1970
Paul F. Sharp, 1971–1977
William S. Banowsky, 1978–1984
Frank E. Horton 1985–1988
Richard L. Van Horn, 1989–1994
David Boren, 1994–present

??? (1968-1990)[edit]

Centennial and today[edit]

The new Price Hall.
The north end of the renovated football stadium.
The entrance to the new addition to the art museum.



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