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Chris Bradley is the author of | American_Mohawk | Dancing Over The Fury and 3 other poetry books, free to the world in internet format. He has been published in Atlanta and the UK at | "Voidspace" for an article on the book Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. He is also working on a project to respond to each of Shakespeare's sonnets in poetic form. He has compiled a complete record album of his best work which is also available free on the internet. While new to apple technology, he is also working with the podcast medium in spare time. He has appeared in the local Niagara Gazette in Niagara Falls, NY as a featured poet, and collegian.

From 1989 - 1996 he composed music under the working name | Digital Noise Control and has compiled an album called Zebra. For Zebra, an Ensoniq EPS was used along with a Yamaha MT-100 multi-track recorder.

In 2008 he resumed work on the project, producing Sky Wheel (a second album) with the help of Aaron Leighton, an Australian Guitarist. Sky Wheel is currently available for download on the popular service | Jamendo Sky Wheel was developed primarily using Steinberg's Cubase and a Roland Juno G keyboard. Other gear included an EMU X61 USB Controller, and Cakewalk SONAR.

Wikinews articles[edit]

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An article about Bush and the Economy, and the position that he took on Central America during his conference in Texas during the week of August 4, 2005.
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An article about the sensational cloned dog Snuppy, who has proven that clones of mammals are possible, through ear tissue. Even animals of special pedigree.

collaborative contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

| "Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005"
An article regarding the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act which I fear will bring a close to open Television and Radio in the United States. It offers the FCC the power to fine over 300,000 dollars per complaint, regarding violence and explicit content.
| "List of 2005 NFL Quarterbacks"
An incomplete list of this year's NFL Quarterbacks.
| "Yamaha MT-100"
An article on the Yamaha-MT 100 four track recorder that I used for a time in production of my music.
| "Keyboard Magazine"
An article on Keyboard Magazine - An Industry Publication covering the development of the Electronic Music Keyboard.

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