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Clockwise from top-left: "Macarena", sung by Los del Río and remixed by The Bayside Boys, becomes a major dance craze and cultural phenomenon; the center fuel tank explodes on TWA Flight 800, causing the plane to crash and killing everyone on board; eight people die in a blizzard on Mount Everest; the 1996 Summer Olympics are held in Atlanta, marking the Centennial (100th Anniversary) of the modern Olympic Games; the Port Arthur Massacre occurs on Tasmania, and leads to major changes in Australia's gun laws; during Operation Grapes of Wrath, a diagram of the Qana massacre in Lebanon; a Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin Il-76 collides with Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 763, making it the deadliest mid-air collision in history; Dolly the Sheep becomes the first mammal to have been cloned from an adult somatic cell.
Millennium: 2nd millennium
1996 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar1996
Ab urbe condita2749
Armenian calendar1445
Assyrian calendar6746
Baháʼí calendar152–153
Balinese saka calendar1917–1918
Bengali calendar1403
Berber calendar2946
British Regnal year44 Eliz. 2 – 45 Eliz. 2
Buddhist calendar2540
Burmese calendar1358
Byzantine calendar7504–7505
Chinese calendar乙亥年 (Wood Pig)
4692 or 4632
    — to —
丙子年 (Fire Rat)
4693 or 4633
Coptic calendar1712–1713
Discordian calendar3162
Ethiopian calendar1988–1989
Hebrew calendar5756–5757
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat2052–2053
 - Shaka Samvat1917–1918
 - Kali Yuga5096–5097
Holocene calendar11996
Igbo calendar996–997
Iranian calendar1374–1375
Islamic calendar1416–1417
Japanese calendarHeisei 8
Javanese calendar1928–1929
Juche calendar85
Julian calendarGregorian minus 13 days
Korean calendar4329
Minguo calendarROC 85
Nanakshahi calendar528
Thai solar calendar2539
Tibetan calendar阴木猪年
(female Wood-Pig)
2122 or 1741 or 969
    — to —
(male Fire-Rat)
2123 or 1742 or 970
Unix time820454400 – 852076799

1996 (MCMXCVI) was a leap year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar, the 1996th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 996th year of the 2nd millennium, the 96th year of the 20th century, and the 7th year of the 1990s decade.

1996 was designated as:

  • International Year for the Eradication of Poverty










The electron microscope reveals chain structures in meteorite fragment ALH84001.


The first flag of Afghanistan under the Taliban control until 1997




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