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"I am No-mad. I am per-fect. >Click< per-fect. >Click< per-fect. >Click< per-fec-fec-fec-feccc->BrrrrrZZZZZTTttt!!!< >Clunk<"

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If anyone is curious: The nick was derived from the Nomad probe in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Changeling (Star Trek), and from the location of the fictional WOPR war defense computer in the movie WarGames.

The Nomad part of the nick was a carry-over from his previous nick, Nomad Lurang, where the last name was an inadvertantly-garbled (by him) last name of a child in the movie Children of the Damned, a movie which had a rather profound effect upon this individual.

Nomad of Norad's real name is David Carroll Hall, and he lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He has used this nick since about the mid 1980s, when he intended to run a dial-up BBS using WOPR as its motif. The dial-up BBS never hatched, but he does now have a web forum located (externally) here and a wiki located (externally) over here intended for a science-fiction adventure round-robin story writing project.... which doesn't seem to be going anywhere...  :-|

The nick has led some people to think he is, or might have been, in the United States military, but the connection was purely inadvertant: He has never himself been part of the military, though he has great respect for the military.

Curiously, there appears to have been another individual independantly using the nick Nomad of Norad who actually was in the military. Mr Hall has no more information on this other Nomad of Norad beyond the fact that someone else once emailed Mr Hall asking if he was that Nomad of Norad.