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Welcome to my userpage on Wikipedia - NordhornerII

04:36, Saturday, August 1, 2015 (UTC)

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I was born in Nordhorn. Unfortunately I had to leave my hometown already when I was a kid. I don't hold that against my parents anymore.

My original profile as "Nordhorner" worked only for the German Wikipedia and therefore I created a second profile: "Nordhorner II".

I had started in German because, quite frankly, as a beginner I felt more comfortable writing for a smaller readership.

When I started posting English articles I used to create a German version as a by-product because it seemed natural to me. Somehow I felt obliged to do something for those country fellowmen of mine who are not as familiar with English as I am. Well, the English version usually had ten times more readers. But the feedback was altogether different, not only in regards to quantity. Maybe a certain old German saying (concerning prophets who are allegedly never appreciated in their home country) contains some truth after all.

Recently I wrote a novel and published it as an e-book. Influenced by the aforementioned experience it is in English too.