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A little about me
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I've been a Wikipedian since December 2005. My main interests are modern Welsh history, particularly of industrial South Wales, and Welsh and UK politics. I've spent a lot of time editing the Plaid Cymru article and have created one for the Wales Labour Party. I've just started a page for the Welsh Conservative Party and will do one for the Welsh Liberal Democrats once I have read enough on the subject. I've also contributed to pages on Scotland, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, England, Welsh Nationalism and many others.

My longer term ambition is to improve the history section in the Wales page, and the 19th and 20th century sections in the History of Wales article. At present the former manages to go from Medieval Wales to the Nationalist Revival, with barely a mention of the profound changes that took place in the intervening 400 or so years. The latter, meanwhile, almost completely neglects the impact of the wider Labour movement or nonconformism on Wales.

Wikipedia comes in for a lot of criticism but I use it as a reliable resource nearly every day and the process of collaboration, while frustrating at times, is in itself a hugely valuable activity.

Pages I have created[edit]

Aviation and climate change
Wales Labour Party
Welsh Conservative Party