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My tips[edit]

  • To repeat citations, type <ref name="name" />
  • To redirect, type
     #REDIRECT [[target]] 
    and see the wikipedia page on redirects.
  • Where citations are lacking, type {{Citation needed|reason=Your explanation here|date=June 2018}}
  • Add text that should be invisible :
  • To redirect to a section, type #REDIRECT [[Family of Barack Obama#Malia and Sasha Obama]],
  • To simply add citation needed, write:
  • When entire section does not have citations, write:
    {{Unreferenced section}}

Who am I?[edit]

I created the user name "not the best username" since I wanted a good nom de plume, yet have an element of jest and a slight touch of sarcastic self deprecation.

  • I like to edit articles on history, local and international interest
  • I always use references and citations, and also like to correct information given in wiki articles based on these references

Feel free to write to me on my talk page about any articles that I may have edited.

Notthebestusername (talk) 04:11, 6 September 2013 (UTC)

I have been a Wikipedia reviewer since June 2014.

Helpful Wikihelp pages[edit]