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North Rhine-Westphalia state election, 1995
North Rhine-Westphalia
← 1990 14 May 1995 2000 →

All 221 seats of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia
  First party Second party Third party
  Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F073494-0025, Bundespressekonferenz, Bundestagswahlkampf, Rau.jpg Bhoehn.jpg
Leader Johannes Rau Helmut Linssen Bärbel Höhn
Party SPD CDU Green
Last election 123 seats, 50.0% 90 seats, 36.7% 12 seats, 5.1%
Seats won 108 89 24
Seat change -15 -1 +12
Popular vote 3,816,639 3,124,758 830,861
Percentage 46.0% 37.7% 10.0%
Swing -4.0% +1.0% +4.9%

  Fourth party
Leader Achim Rohde
Party FDP
Last election 14 seats, 5.8%
Seats won 0
Seat change -14
Popular vote 332,634
Percentage 4.0%
Swing -1.8%

Minister-President before election

Johannes Rau

Elected Minister-President

Johannes Rau

The North Rhine-Westphalia state election, 1995 was held on May 14, 1995 to elect 221 members of the Landtag (state legislature) of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The incumbent state government at that time was a SPD majority government led by Johannes Rau taht tried to defen its majority after 15 years in power. The main oppsition was the CDU led by Helmut Linssen sice 1990.

The election took place several months after Helmut Kohl was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany for the fifth time after his CDU/CSU/FDP coaltion government defended its majority in the 1994 federal election. Thus, this state election had the potential to result in possible alternative coaltions which could be a useful model for the forming of the next federal goverment.

As a result of this state election, the SPD government lost its majority in the Landtag so that it had to form a coaltion with the Greens who doubled their share of votes and seats compared to 1990. Despite maintainig its share of votes the CDU was far away of forming a government as its most probable coaltion partner, the FDP failed to surpass the 5%-threshold needed to gain seats in the Landtag.