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Hi, I'm Omotecho[edit]

My name Omotecho is after the old name of a quarter where my parents were very proud to live. Street names have been made into more computer friendly sets of ordinary nouns and numbers, or either they are on the North side or the South in my area, and it's hard to find history from names given to each blocks in a large city presently.

I started working on the subject of regional geography in Japan for that reason and debuged some cities/towns my friends live or I have lived.

Topics of food and drink in Japan is an area that my friends abroad often ask me about, and often times their questions help me look back on cuisine in Japan, and of course I enjoy dining out with them. Art, Craft, and History are subjects I am interested in for many years. I am lucky to have friends who enjoy go and discover those traditional handicraft where they are made (those areas also offers me good food and drink.) I feel annual function (年中行事) falls into this category, too.

I dream to join Archaeology projects, in Wikipedia and maybe at sites where I would use my hands sorting and mending things. However, I wish I could avoid prehistoric stone wares as much as early mirrors, as they ask for identifying but look very much the same. Maybe I will enjoy that challenge someday.

Lastly, the expressions in Japanese I favor.

    • お婆さん (おばあさん) : o + ba + a + sa + n = obāsan
    • お爺さん (おじいさん) : o + ji + i + sa + n = onjīsan
    • 浮遊 (ふゆう) : fu + yu + u = fuyū
    • 安寧 (あんねい) : a + n + ne + i = annē
    • 僥倖 (ぎょうこう) : gyo + u + ko + u = gyōkō