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About me[edit]

I joined Wikipedia to create an article on Harappan Architecture, and since I finished this, I work mainly on small edits (grammatical, stylistic, etc.) to pages of varying subjects. I enjoy The Beatles, tildes, Calvin and Hobbes, and sleeping. I speak English as a native language, and am undergoing my third year of instruction in the language of German. Ich finde diser Sprach sehr interessant weil Englisch von es kommt. Wann man lest Chaucer oder andere alte Englisch leute, man kann sehen dass sie sehr similar sint.

Created Pages etc.[edit]

  • I replaced the the redirect on Ancient egyptian warfare with content about the subject. I don't know if that's creating the article or not...and it has now been merged with "Military History of Ancient Egypt" (which needs a lot of work...Hmmm...New project for me?)
  • {{Mexico-metro-stub}} and category.