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c#-4This user is an expert C# programmer.
vb-3This user is an advanced Visual Basic programmer.
C-3This user is an advanced C programmer.
js-3This user is an advanced JavaScript programmer.
pas-3This user is an advanced Pascal programmer.
SQL-3This user is an advanced SQL programmer.
php-2This user is an intermediate PHP programmer.
c++-2This user is an intermediate C++ programmer.
LaTeX logo.svg-2This user is an intermediate LaTeX user.
Java-2This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
rb-1This user is a beginning Ruby programmer.
This user is a mathematician.
This user knows that 0.999... is exactly 1.
Nuvola apps display.pngThis user is a software engineer.
Nuvola apps edu science.svg This user has a keen interest in learning about Chemistry.
Icon - Blue globe with a gold orbit.pngThis user contributes using
Internet Explorer 7.
Firefox Logo, 2017.svgThis user contributes using Firefox.
Own windows logo.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows.
Own windows logo xp.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.
RunThis user is a recreational runner.
Tennis Racket and Balls.jpgThis user plays tennis.
SquashBall2.pngThis user plays squash.
Harrows Bristle Board Bullseye.JPGThis user enjoys playing darts.