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CLOCK84 only works on Z80 TI calculators with a clock. CLOCK84 is updated quite often, so check regularly. If you can't get lowercase letters, then you can use UPPERCASE. Actual .8xp file will be hosted on My Web Server. To check if your calculator has a clock, press MODE at the homescreen, then look for "SET CLOCK".

There is a secret developer mode. Store pi*e to J. The program will not take the time to put CLOCK84, the slashes, colons or the build id.

Full FnOff GridOff AxesOff LabelOff ClrHome If J=Πe Then:Goto S End Output(1,1,"CLOCK84") Output(2,7,"/") Output(2,10,"/") Output(3,3,":") Output(3,6,":") Output(4,1,"Build:2007020822") Lbl S While 1 getDate→LCAL84 getTime→LCLK84 getKey→G If G=22 Then:Goto E End dayOfWk(LCAL84(1),LCAL84(2),LCAL84(3))→D If D=1 Then:"Sun."→Str5 End If D=2 Then:"Mon."→Str5 End If D=3 Then:"Tue."→Str5 End If D=4 Then:"Wed."→Str5 End If D=5 Then:"Thu."→Str5 End If D=6 Then:"Fri."→Str5 End If D=7 Then:"Sat."→Str5 If LCAL84(2)<10 Then:6->T:Output(2,5,0) Else:5->T End If LCAL84(3)<10 Then:9→U:Output(2,8,0) Else:8→U End If LCLK84(1)<10 Then:2→O:Output(3,1,0) Else:1→O End If LCLK84(2)<10 Then:5→P:Output(3,4,0) Else:4→P End If LCLK84(3)<10 Then:8→Q:Output(3,7,0) Else:7->Q End Output(2,T,LCAL84(2)) Output(2,U,LCAL84(3)) Output(2,7,LCAL84(1)) Output(3,O,LCLK84(1)) Output(3,P,LCLK84(2)) Output(3,Q,LCLK84(3)) End Lbl E AxesOn Full ClrHome Disp "****************","----------------","**BY*ONEKOPAKA**","---------------- ","****************" Pause "