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Hi, I'm Michael Kauffmann. I live in Villa Rica, Georgia. Although I am not a native, I've lived and worked here for 19 years. I love this community and am an active part of it.

My user name is derived from a combination of two of the most significant parts of my life. Optimist comes from being a long time member of the Optimist Club of Villa Rica. MB comes from my web sites,,, and, sites devoted to supporting the Boy Scout movement. is my newest web site and it uses MediaWiki, the same software used here on WikiPedia.

In addition to the above, I serve as Scoutmaster for Troop 108, I am a member of the Golden City Lions Club, and I belong to the First Baptist Church of Villa Rica.

My Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

So far my most significant contributions are to the Villa Rica, Georgia article. If you check out my contributions to Wikipedia, you'll see that I have probably contributed around half the current content. In addition, I've added several internal wikipedia links in the content contributed by others. I plan on adding significantly to the page, especially in the History section. Villa Rica is a relatively unknown town to most people in Georgia yet it has a significant history which has affected the entire state.

This lack of notoriety has resulted in WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state) assigning the Villa Rica article a Low importance rating. As I develop more material for the article, I hope to show this page deserves the level of importance and attention I am giving it. The article's Quality Rating is currently Start-Class. My goal is to move it up at least one level to a B-Class and would love to see it go even higher. Since only two articles about Georgia cities are currently above the Start-Class level, I realize I have my work cut out for me.

Wish me luck!

My contributions to Wikipedia