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Hi there.[edit]

I'm OtherDave -- well, I'm a person whose ID here is OtherDave -- and you're at my user page. If you'd like to leave a message, head over to my talk page.

I have less and less to say, though. Any time I edit at more than a correct-the-syntax level, I discover again the wisdom that Wikipedia's original name was "Unemployed Ph.D. Death Match."

Noted in passing[edit]

  • Nominee for best edit summary: "Removed non-notable trivia" (from an article's trivia section)
  • "That would be a problem of literacy which we should not try to solve." (A whisper of rationality in an extended talk-page debate)
  • Troublesome editors waste far more of the community's time than vandals. One who sometimes has good edits, but endlessly bickers, threatens, insults, whines, and is eventually banned, will have taken hundreds of hours from other users who would have better spent that time building the encyclopedia. This is in part due to people's fascination with conflict. Efficiently managing troublesome editors is one of the best ways to improve the project, but also one of the most difficult. (From Wikipedia:OWB)

Pages Written, Edits Made, Thoughts Thunk[edit]

If these are topics related to me that interest you, we're off to a very awkward start. Or, as Clarence Darrow once said, "I hate spinach, and I'm glad, because if I liked it, I'd eat it, and I just hate it."