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As of right now my page is ridiculously simplistic in form, but here goes nothing...

I'm from South Florida & I love tropical climates & Mediterranean climates. I'd prefer not to live anywhere landlocked, anywhere that isn't near an ocean, anywhere lacking diversity or multiculturalism, anywhere too politically conservative, anywhere that's too cold most of the year or have harsh winters, and anywhere that can't naturally grow nor sustain life for a variety of different palm trees.

My full name on my birth certificate is Donovan Mohammed Pierre Krishna Ming Garcia-Cohen Jr. I prefer to be called Dhi (pronounced "Dee"), but some friends call me Moe or Moses, and for some reason one of my best friends since childhood calls me Morales or Don Quixote. My mother calls me Helper, my maternal grandmother calls me Panchito, my paternal grandfather calls me Sonny Boy, my father calls me Junior, J.R., or Jerr (pronounced like Jerry minus the "y"), and my younger sister jokingly calls me Mo-Ron (as in a stressed pronunciation of moron) or Don Juan (when she's talking seriously to me), and one of my cousins calls me Punda-milia (which means Zebra in Swahili).

I love editing for Wikipedia whenever I'm bored or want to excersize my mind. I try to learn about a minimum of five new things everyday. I like to learn new things, however "trivial" or "nerdy" it may seem to some people. I really could not care less of what others may think (and/or their opinions) about that, or most anything in general. I am ME. ^_^

I dream of being able to travel to every single country in the world, if it is even possible: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, a literal "A" to "Z." If I ever win the lottery, I'd travel to as many locations as possible (depending on how much I won.) I'd then open up a place with three floors. The third floor would be an art gallery with poetry nights, charity events, and so forth. The second floor would be a bistro featuring the international cuisines such as Asian cuisine (especially Thai, Japanese, & Indian), Hispanic cuisine (especially Andean & Central American), & Caribbean cuisine (especially Trinidadian, Jamaican, & Bahamian), with a deli-like atmosphere at reasonable prices. The first floor would be a hookah lounge that converts into a nightclub with a huge dancefloor from late Friday night-early Sunday morning, & with no VIP.

Likes: The Arts, Anthropology, Wikipedia, Tropical Climates, Books dealing with utopian or dystopian societies, reading biographies, music magazines, Culture, Clubbing, Caribbean cuisine, Electro music, Guinness beer, Mediterranean climates, Languages (especially Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Mongolian, Swahili, Afrikaans, and any French or French Creole), Bollywood films, Indie films, Foreign films, zombie movies, red wines, spicy foods, collecting geographical maps, Multiculturalism, Journalism, Civil rights activists, Indie Hip Hop, Writing, watching TV (Travel Channel, IFC, etc.), Chai, Thai food, World Music, and countless other things.

Dislikes: Xenophobia, Racism, Classism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Fundamentalism, Close-minded people, fake/phony people, & any form of unnecessary hate or superiority for that matter. I also dislike many other things as well, like cold weather & not knowing what to put on this page write now.

This page is bollocks, but will change as time progresses.

Thanks for wasting your time reading this. El-Oh-El!