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(i donated $2 to wikipedia when the wiikifoundation requested it around 2003-12 when the server had crises. I wish there is some general thank you notice in prominent places, and breakdown of the funds.)

My name is Xah Lee. (李杀) Got stuck with the p0lyglut/polyglut appellation. (note: not polyglot nor polymath)

I dabble in mathematics and literary things, among which is computer, philosophy, art, or on the whole called humanity disciplines, including proper ways to write English, and linguistics, logic.

My emphasis in life is teaching, and from your vantage point learning.

Feel free to learn more about me, at my personal website:

By the way, my website as of 2010-02 has 5062 unique links to wikipedia articles. It is probably the largest website with the greatest number of links to wikipedia.

I'm the pround starter of the caryatid page among pages, and proud contributor of sundry other pages and arguments. Since about 2004, i spend about 2 to 5 hours reading wikipedia, everyday. (i read encyclopedias with greed since about 1992)

And, i'm proud of my website being the destination of 10 or 20 articles from wikipedia. For example, conic sections page.

Thank you all, wikipedians, and the ones who started the wikipedia engine, and wikipedia founder. (i'm a mild supporter of Open Source.)

You may Talk to me. Thank you.

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