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Paco758 is John D. Martin III.

John is a 2012 PhD fellow in the ELIME-21 program under the School of Information and Library Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has a BA in Latin from Western Michigan University and MA in Islamic Studies from the American University in Cairo.

He is presently finishing work on a second MA in Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University and will begin courses at UNC – Chapel Hill in the fall. John’s research interests include preservation and access issues in Middle East archives, digital content curation and new media heritage, as well as medieval Islamic theology and mysticism.

John amuses himself in whatever spare time is available with the construction and maintenance of GNU / Linux systems and an increasingly complex home network environment of his own design. He has worked as an IT consultant at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and has experience in system administration, web application deployment and network integration. John’s current technological interests are focused on the Digital Humanities, home automation, cataloguing his personal research library and the baking of bread, one of humankind’s oldest and most important activities.

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