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Padraig Curran[edit]

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Arms of Bishop's Stortford Town Council.

paddySC 18:10, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

The town has many beautiful buildings such as st Micheals church and the old monestary and also has many large open spaces and parks and many tourists visit the castle gardens and the castle itself. Aswell as the castle, big park and gardens, castle gardens is also home to the towns war memorial which is a magnificent feature and many tourists go there to relax on benches and enjoy birdsong away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. There are a number of hotels in the town centre but there are also many hotels around stansted airport. Many tourists will come to the town as a place to stay because it is very easy to get to both London and Cambridge but the town is also a wonderful place to explore with many towering churches and lots of history with museums so tourists are never bored.

Shootings 2007 On 28th August 2007 2 men and a teenager were shot dead at '2 Plaw Hatch Close' in Bishop's Stortford. 2 women were seriously injured in the attack that was around 21:35 pm. The men killed were named as Keith Cowell, 52, and his son Matthew, 17, who died alongside 33-year-old Tony Dulieu, of Billericay. Keith Cowell's wife Nicole had left for work at Stansted Airport 10 minutes before the attack. A three year old girl called 'Angel' was thought to have been in the house at the time of the shooting. Cheif Supt Al Thomas, of Hertfordshire Police, said "We share the concern and sense of shock within the community. "Early information suggests this was a targeted incident and not a random attack." Post-mortem examinations were conducted on the three bodies on Wednesday 29 but the results have not yet been made public. Police presence was dramatically increased after the incident in and around the town. The community was shocked badly as crime rates in the town are well below the national average.