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  • US: [1] (2005) - "39 percent of U.S. citizens believe the situation in Iraq was worth going to war over"
  • Coalition of the Willing: [2] - To much to quote, links to newspaper articles writing about the studies.
  • Coalition of the Willing: [3] (2005) - "Overall, 70 percent of respondents said they were opposed to their countries contributing troops to the operation. In no country -- including those, like Poland, that are in fact contributing troops in Iraq -- did either a majority or plurality of respondents say they thought their country should contribute troops."
  • Britain: [4] (2005) - "The poll showed that fewer than 29 percent now believe that thewar was the right thing to do, compared to 53 percent who think itwas wrong."
  • Coalition of the Willing: [5] (2003) - " Europe's leaders may be divided on the Iraq crisis, but the majority of people across the continent are united in their opposition to war, polls suggest."