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Mostly naval history, with some other miscellaneous history books. If you need me to look anything up, or scan something for you, feel free to ask.

WWI-present naval history

General ship references

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Battle/war specific

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Misc. military history

  • AK-47, Kahner 2007
  • The European War: The Powers, 1914
  • Forward–March!, Mackey and Jernegan, 1934
  • Japanese Tanks 1939-1945, Zaloga, 2007
  • Liberty's Victorious Conflict:A Photographic History of the World War, 1918
  • Panzer Leader, Guderian, 2002 printing
  • Ridgway's Paratroopers, Blair, 1985 (2002 print)
  • World War II: The Oxford Guide, Dear

On the way

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