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To whom it may concern

I am writing to you because the sheer incompotence on the part of your company leaves me no choice. Never before have I seen such callous disregard for one's customers on the part of a leading company. I have lived in five different countries, and in every one, except this one, products delivered. Products did what they were intended to do. Finally, products did not break down for absolutely no reason. Your broadband connections are such a joke, they make dial up look like a gift decended from the heavens above. I at least hope that your parents are ashamed.

I do not understand how it is that you manage to design a router that has the swiss clockwork percision to break down percisely once a week. It is unbeleivable how mediocre your products have become.

Once my contract is over I will cancel my broadband connection and I will cancel my telephone connection, and I will never, not in a million years, purchase another BT product be it a phone, an internet connection, or a sticker that says 'for every one pound you donate we will put one child through school' with a BT logo on the bottom right corner. I will tell every person I bump into how BT has surpassed Orange and become the number one contender for the crummy service provider title. In fact I'm going to tell every new first year student that comes to this country, whether I bump into them here in Southampton, or on a business trip in Manchester, or even some tourist only in town for the weekend, that BT is the worst company ever conceived, and he would be better off never having anything to do with it whatsoever.

However, fear not, for all is not a complete waste. I have learned a valuable lesson, besides the fact that BT is a part of a secret society of tainted companies plotting to take over the world one malnurished New Dheli customer support operator at a time. I will never sign up for a contract unless I have asked myself these serious and/or rhetorical questions

-Are their existing customers happy with their service?

-Are they well rated by respectable internet sites?

-Have they been sued before?

-Is their CEO a whining, complaining man child?

-Do their tech support operators ask exceedingly dumb questions

-Do they send you a wireless router and then ask that you use a wired connection for optimal effect?

-Finally, is the company BT? If so, run for your life, their poor products spread like an epidemic.

As I mentioned before, I hope at least your parents are ashamed

Peyman Askari