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This bot account is no longer active.

Pathoschild (operator) Pathoschild (bot)
 Pathosbot is a pywikipedia/AutoWikiBrowser bot operated by Pathoschild; please leave any comments on Pathoschild's talk page. In case of an emergency, you can stop the bot by editing its talk page.

Current tasks[edit]

Template cleanup[edit]

task template cleanup
description Pathosbot uses heuristic regex patterns to perform several distinct maintenance operations:
  • Replace artifact template code with the visible output.
    supports: ParserFunctions, magic words, parameters, old modifiers, and HTML comments.
    example: replaces "{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|User|{{{username|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}}}" with "Pathosbot".
  • Update old template calls (20).
    example: replaces "{{pagemovevandal}}" with "{{indefblockeduser}}".
  • Reverse substitution of user block templates (8).
    note: this feature depends on a signature pattern unique to the given template, and theoretically matches all revisions.
  • Detect and fix template redundancy.
    example: replaces "{{indefblockeduser}}{{sockpuppetProven|fuu}} {{imposter|fuu}}{{attackuser-m|fuu}}" with "{{sockpuppetProven|fuu}}".
  • Correct IP address categorization.
    example: replaces "{{indefblockeduser}}" with "{{indefblockedip}}".
  • Correct non-standard XHTML.
    example: replaces "<font color="#FF00AA;">blah</font><br>" with "<span style="color:#F0A;">blah</span><br />".

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