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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia See below notice.


I'm hit by a data breach of Kyril and Methodius mail ( so here's a notice.

To everyone:

I have taken actions to safeguard my accounts but I'm not sure whether it's enough so I must make a very difficult choice.

By the time you're reading this, I've asked a moderator to secure this account against further malicious attempt by placing an indefinite self-requested block. If a "RETIRED" tag goes up, that means the admin in question can activate the self-block.

My government has earlier issued a ban on VPN services which I used to edit Wikipedia all along the time. Without VPN protections, I could've been unlawfully snooped and receive government reprisals if I edit anything that was "controversial".

When my country put up the VPN ban it effectively doomed any prospect for me to edit without fear of government surveilliance/interference.

That being said, if I used VPN too much in the future, I'll be traced down and land into hot waters.

Add the compromise of my accounts in the mix, and it make sense for me to instate a self-request block for my account.

Some may hope the block/retirement will be temporary and I'll be active again, but I suspect that it won't. In worst possible outcome this freeze could persist until the end of the world, since human lifespan is definite and instable so only God knows if I didn't ever live to see it.

Finally, I got my wife and my children to feed so the prospect of me editing Wikipedia again is further dead.

до свида́ния!

To administrators: Please lock any other accounts whose email addresses are in the following domains, for SAFETY!:


To that hacker:

Not all Russians support Vova and his adventurist actions. Please distinguish between a government and a people!

Regards, Pavel Novikov (talk) 16:04, 22 July 2017 (UTC)