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In appreciation for contributing valuable articles to Wikipedia and being a damn good writer, I'm happy to present Penwatchdog the Writer's Barnstar. You've done a lot of good work, and that needs to be recognized by the community. You have knowledge of many things that are not covered by the encyclopedia, and by contributing, you are helping to improve the project. You are valuable and I appreciate the work you've done. (talk) 13:26, 9 May 2012 (UTC)
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For your great second article. Don't stop submitting such great articles! ;-) Oh and by the way: please don't do 'copy and paste' moves: there is a move link at the top. Read WP:MOVE (there is a simple image showing you that "hidden" move-link). Regards, mabdul 10:54, 30 May 2012 (UTC)

Articles which I personally validate as Reliable Sources (Thru Apr 2013)[edit]

日本語 Wikipedia の活動[edit]

In response to suspicion by Japanese Wikipedia administrators: I am now also active at Japanese Wikipedia as User:NishiShinjuku. As my activity there only recently began, I overlooked necessity of mentioning it here. Now I've already started to translate/rewrite articles for Japanese Wikipedia (ボールペン画/Ballpoint pen artwork) and will continue translating and rewriting others to Japanese. Overall, I will also continue actively at Japanese wikipedia.

私は英wikipedia Lennie Mace 記事も英語で書きましたが、現在ja:レニー・メイス記事を書いた者です。 レニー・メイスは、現在主に日本で活躍中ですので、英wikipediaで書いてある記事を活かすところと、日本Wikipediaには必要で新しく追加する記事がある為、新記事として作成しました。 ご存知と思いますが、現在は取り急ぎオープンする為に、一番基本的な情報をあげましたが、これから他の情報も追加していく予定です。

As is made obvious above, I am "author" of these English articles, I believe I have the right to re-use and re-write the information as I please, so I believe I have done nothing wrong. No reason to delete there (especially without time-allowance or official group discussion). お力添えを、これからもなにとぞよろしくお願いいたします。If I may be helpful to you, I'd be happy to assist. Penwatchdog (talk) 05:50, 12 July 2013 (UTC)