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My name is Peter King. I live in the English Midlands.

I have spent many years researching the history of the iron industry, periodically straying into related subjects, including other metals. I have a doctorate in economic history based on an unpublished thesis, 'The iron trade in England and Wales 1500-1815: the charcoal iron industry and its transition to coke'. I have also written (and had published) about 30 academic articles.

I was working on books on transport history and Water mills and water power, but these are now on hold.

My main research interests are:

My main period for research is 1500-1815, but I also research earlier periods, particularly locally

This has spread into:

  • Industrial water mills
  • History of other metal production
  • English overseas trade
  • Transport history, particularly:
    • Roads up to the end of the turnpike area;
    • River navigations; and
    • 17th and 18th century railways.

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