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Peter currently works at Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Windows Phone team, working specifically on the 3rd-party application platform. Prior to that, he worked (briefly!) on KIN; had a fantastic time building the HDi platform for the (now defunct) HD DVD standard; helped spread the adoption of SDL throughout the company as part of the Secure Windows Initiative; and finally woked in Visual Studio, specifically on JScript, VBScript, and VSTO.

None of Peter's edits on Wikipedia are intended to represent the views of Microsoft corporation; the sole reason for this disclosure is to provide transparency.

Standards Work[edit]

Peter previously represented Microsoft on the DVD Forum and the AACS LA technical group. In the past he was an active member -- and ultimately chairman -- of the ECMAScript committee.

Other interests[edit]

Peter is an independent film maker, being the Assistant Director, Producer, and co-Editor of Creatures from the Pink Lagoon[1]