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Articles I have started[edit]

A Commons Featured Picture, taken by me.

I also did large chunks of work on Steve Irwin (immediately following his death - crazy editing!), Sonya Hartnett and Newman College (University of Melbourne) (photographs).

Tennis photos[edit]

I have photographed around 100 tennis players for Wikipedia. For each hour of photographing, which could cover two to ten players, it takes about two to three hours of processing to get the photos to Commons. That covers

  1. uploading the photos from my camera to my computer
  2. identifying the players (this can take a long time, especially as ATP/WTA photos bear little resemblance to the players on the court, and if the players are from the same country with the same colour hair! sometimes I have to upload them to Flickr first to get confirmation of correct ID)
  3. choosing the most appropriate shots for Wikipedia
  4. writing image descriptions (including finding appropriate categories for Commons)
  5. preparing an upload script
  6. uploading to Commons
  7. cropping all chosen images
  8. preparing another upload script
  9. uploading to Commons again
  10. adding the photos to Wikipedia articles.

Incidentally if you want to use some photo of mine at Flickr, please ask me to upload the original here (I gladly will) instead of transferring it yourself. It's neater if I can keep track of my own photos.

2007 Australian Open[edit]

2006 Australian Open[edit]