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S.P.Q.R. is the only excuse that I have, to do the things that I do. Yet you people continue to portrait S.P.Q.R. as a symbol of radicalism, extremism, fundamentalism, but that's what you made out of it. Because when there are 2 fighting, there is one responsible for starting the fight. Defense is a given law before justice and since we are all equal before justice, that's why citizenship & duty in general are provided with the right to secure your personal life & liberty. The truth is that all fingers are pointing in your direction, but because the masses are too slow to anticipate that's why things got out of hand. Since day one is it clear to see who is the perpetrator, but because the majority fails to anticipate that's why the situation is worse as it is. The truth according to the evidence that I have gathered, is that Tiberius's heritage needs to thoroughly be investigated. It's been clear to see from day one who is the perpetrator, but if you thoroughly study history then I should advice you to study the Ubii/Suebi situation. Because then you really learn what sort of things are happening here in Europe and how helpful the Roman Republic really was, because the Roman Republic had the unique quality of concern for Human Dignity and Decent Citizenship for the General Populace. Where we in modern times implement the death penalty, would the Roman Republican Senate still say :,, Well they can still work for us." So I am glad to be a Humanitarian/Utilitarian, because crime can not be acquitted.

Barbarian means bearded and is actually a form of unwanted prejudice, because there are many different types of men who actually have a beard over all continents. The real term to use here is Pagan, Paganism refers to a country side with grass and flowers. A pagan is a poorly clothed person who travels from one grassland to the other, which would be called a Scrubby Country Dweller. Barbarian concerns too many different races, while the Germanic supremacist tribes were Country Dwellers just like the conquistadors. So that settles this dispute, barbarian is an inaccurate statement while pagan is more accurate.

Phalanx Pursos[edit]

"The name Phalanx Pursos should be translated as Balance Beacon"

Ancient Cultural Values[edit]

My favorite ancient civilizations are Phoenicia, Greece, Rome & Egypt, I very much would like the good things of those ancient civilizations to be incorporated into modern society in a way which is morally-correct.

Philosophical Persuasions[edit]

Culture blossoms under Federal Syncretism, a concern for synchronization between different cultures, philosophies & religions without those losing their individual independence.

Political Persuasions[edit]

Advocacy & representation give authority to the population, Democracy is the philosophy that the population should rule over politics. Republicanism explains what makes Democracy possible, Socialism explains what is best for the wellbeing of the population. Republicanism & Socialism are forms of Democracy, Social-Democratic Republicanism is probably the best form of Democracy.

Religious Persuasions[edit]

Syncretic believe of Oceanic, Olympian & Roman polytheism, mostly Homeric with an interest in Hinduism, Egyptian polytheism, Atenism & Labarum Catholicism.

Military Concerns[edit]

Humanitarian missions restore the good reputation of soldiers, military discipline comes from showing good manners towards civilians. We end the fighting so that we may live in peace; cease-fire, diplomacy & peace negotiations ends the fighting peacefully. Prevent a fight with morality, end a fight with self defense & defense of others.


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