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  • I was the program co-chair (and general conference co-coordinator) for Wikimania 2006.
  • I also helped with the program a bit and co-chaired the scholarships committee for Wikimania 2007 (aka Taipeimania)
  • I helped out a bit but didn't do as much for Wikimania 2008...
  • but was on the program committee for Wikimania 2009, held in lovely Buenos Aires
  • For Wikimania 2010] in Gdansk, I chaired WikiSym 2010 as a sister conference, held before Wikimania
  • For Wikimania 2011] in Haifa, I simply enjoyed it :)
  • I was on the bid selection committee for Wikimania 2007 and Wikimania 2008, because of being a past organizer; the bid jury helps pick a conference location out of the bidding cities. For the bid juries for Wikimania 2009 and Wikimania 2010, I was the jury moderator, which means I didn't vote but did try to wrangle people into consensus, ran lots of meetings, etc.; for Wikimania 2011 and 2012, I am a non-voting jury advisor.
  • I have also presented or moderated at all five Wikimanias:
  • Wikimania 2005: I gave a talk on user impressions of Wikipedia, based on a small qualitative study I did at UW
  • Wikimania 2006: With James Forrester, I ran an open discussion about research in Wikipedia
  • Wikimania 2007: I moderated several rounds of lightning talks and some other talks
  • Wikimania 2008: I co-organized and participated in a panel about libraries and Wikipedia; and I ran a rather silly but quite successful workshop about making sockpuppets
  • Wikimania 2009: I am hoping to run a couple of open discussions about community meetups