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Hi, I'm PhoenixofMT. I live in Montana, where I work with an electronics manufacturing company as a test technician. Occasionally, I get to test something that takes a while to complete, and I have some time to read random articles and sprinkle my grammar corrections. I'm not an expert on grammar, in fact I struggled with my courses in school, but I have an intuitive feel for proper sentance structure and punctuation, probably stemming from my love of books.

My first project on screamers has been redirected to User:PhoenixofMT/Shock Absorbing Sling as "screamer" is a brand name that has fallen into common usage. I started this project after reading Climbing equipment#Daisy chains and seeing a red link for "screamers". This article may become a subsection of climbing equipment if it doesn't meet the requirements for a stand-alone article.