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I'm Tim McCormack, a software developer living in Boston, Massachusetts. I am no longer as involved as I was 8 years ago, but I do occasional spot edits for grammar or fact-checking. (Bio current as of 2015.)

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You have been awarded The Order of the Barnthinker, aka The Thinking Man's Barnstar, for notable bravery on a dangerously forking vote page in the Great April Hoax War of 2005!



All content that I have created and uploaded (e.g. text, graphics, sound, code) to any Wikimedia project is hereby licensed under both the GFDL and the cc-by-sa-2.5. This is in addition to any license noted on the site or image page itself.

I am open to individual negotiation about licenses, outside the scope of the Wikimedia projects. Please contact me via email if you would like to use my individual contributions (like images) in a way not consistent with the posted license(s).

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