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Limited understanding permitting manipulation is not the same thing as comprehension; the former in the absence of the latter is just plain dangerous.

Editing Approach[edit]

I tend to select articles that interest me and to focus on them until they reach or come close to academic standards. My interest is in producing well-cited articles that inform general readers and, if possible, contain information of use to specialists; I feel that in this context most editors do not fully exploit the potential of endnotes. My article discussion page postings are sometimes lengthy. This does not affect my ability to sleep soundly at night because I never question the assumption that what's worth my time to write is worth your time to read. In any case, Wikipedia is an extension of an academic tradition of several thousand years based upon the creation, development and discussion of texts. While brevity in explication is the ideal and the goal, I see no reason to endorse the idea that brevity in explication is obligatory in the context of discussing edits to an encyclopedia, or in discussing related policy. As the saying goes, "I would have written you a shorter note, but I didn't have time." If, as an encyclopedia editor (and as such one who participates in talk page discussions) you: a) do not have time to read lengthy texts; b) prefer to have things 'summarized' for you, or; c) feel that complex and lengthy textual communication is always pedantry then you will probably take issue with my posts. Feel free to ask for a summary. When I can manage it, I'll provide one.

Articles I have created[edit]

Relationship between Friedrich Nietzsche and Max Stirner
Metrodorus of Scepsis

Articles I've made major contributions to[edit]

Art of memory
Method of loci
Giordano Bruno
Rod of Asclepius
Caduceus as a symbol of medicine
Friedrich Nietzsche
Influence and reception of Friedrich Nietzsche
Austin Osman Spare
Star and crescent