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Pictowrit uses Wikipedia as a reliable resource, and writes on some topics of interest: music, art, & history.

Current Projects[edit]

An endeavor to allow inclusion of songwriters of Indian Cinema in the Films' InfoBox on Wikipedia. Modify the template so as to allow this much-needed change. Films: infobox template should include a field, "lyricist".

Rationale: Aren't the words of songs - the lyrics - critical to Indian Cinema? Song, dance and music sets apart South Asian films from Hollywood films and other World Cinema. The lyricist deserves as much credit as the music composer. Visualize yourself singing... without words! Without lyrics, music is a sequence of melodious sounds. Ballads are the essence of South Asian cinema. They reflect the soul of every film. Often the stories and film scenes are forgotten, but the song stays with you because it simply reflects universal human sentiments portrayed by the film's characters.

Past: New Pages Created[edit]

The Wisdom Tree (the film), Raja Nawathe, Shamim Ahmed Khan, Devil's Golf Course

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The Wisdom Tree, Raja Nawathe, Shamim Ahmed Khan, Vatapi, Shetrunjaya, Artist_palette

Other Contributions[edit]

Painted_Desert_(Arizona), Badami, Triassic_Era

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