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My online nickname is Pikidalto, or Piki for short. Most people use the short version, so I also use it (unless a forum requires 5+ characters in the name).

I am an avid supporter of Linux, and I always try to work it into my conversation in order to spread the word, unless unreasonable to do so (imagine talking to a person who's parent just died and that person isn't very interested in computers, and you start talking technology -- now that would just be rude!).

I got started in Linux with a distro called Ark Linux, a distro aimed at being easy enough for computer illiterates yet flexible enough for the most advanced users. Ark Linux is discontinued now, so I am starting work on a new Ark-based distro. Anyone interested in helping can join Freenode IRC ( channel #electros-devel .

Those that are interested in trying Linux without replacing what they already use can try:

  • Multi-booting: You have two or more operating systems installed directly to your hard disk. When you turn on your computer, a menu is presented asking you which operating system you want to use.
  • Virtual Machine: A program that runs on your current operating system that simulates a computer, thus allowing you to try new operating systems without multi-booting or replacing your existing operating systems.
  • Live CD: A CD that boots your computer into another operating system without the need to touch your hard disk.