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PINK PENTA is in result a pun with the nickname ”PENTA[1] at the German Wikipedia and the cartoon “PINK PANTHER“.

PENTA + PINK PANTHER = PINK PENTA 3 People tell, that this potency is much to little.

You will also find his French nick “Utilisateur:Le Penta rose“ and his German twosnick “Pink Penta“ (not in use as a sockpuppet), but he's better known there asBenutzer:Penta“.

Sorry, that he doesn't knows the British (American?) User:Penta at all. One day they will maybe conversate. Who knows.

In the so called real life he, 41, writes adverts and articles for German newspapers. He studied lutheran theology and publicity and visited a school for copywriting one year. He got engaged to the best women in universe.

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Topics: Eidetic memory, Evolutionary psychology, Category:Freemasonry, Judaism, Magic (paranormal), Mensa International, Synesthesia


  1. ^ The word PENTA is the Greec prefix of the number 5.