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Fundamentals of Piano Practice is the title of a book being continuously edited on a webpage by Taiwan-born Chuan C. Chang, aimed especially towards teaching piano technique efficiently and rapidly. It critizises several classic and — according to Chang — inefficient methods of acquiring technique; most notably those of Charles Louis Hanon and Carl Czerny, respectively 17th and early 18th century exercises which are still widely used today.

The book suggests that intuitive methods of teaching piano playing are not always the best.

Some of the principles the book teaches include:

  • Learning pieces one hand at a time
  • Using so-called "parallel sets", clustering notes into chords
  • Aiming towards 1.5 of final speed during practice, though utilizing slow practice as well

The book is available online, both in PDF and HTML formatted form, and at no cost, although the author accepts donations on his webpage.

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