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caption="Want to work with maps?"

5 day workshop on geovisualization and GIS at the National Institute of Design, Bangalore.

Workshop outline[edit]

  • Start: 9am, Friday, 9 August 2013
  • Type of sessions: (D)iscussions, (P)resentation, (T)heory, (W)orkshop
  • (O)utputs: O1, O3 and O5 will be considered for evaluation.
    • O1 Schematic map - Balance of detail vs abstraction relevant to selected theme, figure ground clarity, label legibility and placement, color scheme relevance, consistency of visual language, wikipedia article inclusion.
    • O3 Raster visualization - Ability to bring out the details of a selected geographic feature using colormap visualization
    • O5 Hybrid map - Usage of appropriate vector and raster data layers for the selected theme, usage of external data sources, visual styling to highlight the focus dataset, interactivity

Friday, 9 August[edit]

  • (D) Introductions
  • (P) How the map evolved
  • (T) Elements of cartography
  • Lunch
  • (W) Simple maps
    • (O1) Create a schematic tourist map of an Indian state
    • Data layering, Geometry simplification, Data visualization
    • Tools: Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape


  • (D) Individual presentation and discussion of O1
  • (P) The open source world of maps
  • (T) Elements of GIS
  • Lunch
  • (W) Collecting data
  • (O2) Improve the OpenStreetMap of the place you know the best
    • Geographic attributes and map features, Remote surveying, Georeferencing and rectification, GPS tools and data
    • Tools: JOSM
  • Chai
  • (P) My Story: Maps, Politics & Life


  • (D) Individual presentation and discussion of O2 comparing OSM and google maps for the same area.
  • (T) GIS tools and data formats
  • Lunch
  • (W) Geographic Information Systems
    • (O3) (a) Terrain visualization of SRTM data using a custom colormap (b) Graphic map on any theme or region using a combination of available GIS data layers
    • Data sources, Data importing and conversion, Raster and vector data, Visualizing elevation data, Attribute tables, Geographic queries, Styling and symbolizers, Exporting, WMS
    • Tools: Quantum GIS with python plugins (GDAL Tools, OSM Import)


  • (D) Individual presentation and discussion of O3 and Q&A session of issues faced
  • (T) Introduction to TileMill - A modern map design studio
  • Lunch
  • (W) Digital cartography
    • (O4) Design and host a themed interactive map online.
    • Data layering, Image composting, CartoCSS, Web tiles and slippy maps, Simple map interactivity
    • Tools: TileMill


  • (D) Individual presentation and discussion of O4 and Q&A session of issues faced
  • (P) Maps of tomorrow
  • Lunch
  • (W) Hack day
    • (O5) Showcase your skills
    • Using github pages to host your own free website, Using Leaflet to serve maps
  • (D) Closing Q&A


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